The National Trust were launching a new Intranet system internally called ‘Acorn’ that would open up opportunities for their employees to collaborate, communicate and network more effectively with colleagues across the Trust in their own job area, regions or with the same skills.

Remote staff would soon be able to access news and information on tablets and mobiles making it easier to have conversations and share the huge amounts of knowledge that exists within the Trust.

Rose Island were the creative partner brought in to help produce the internal communications that would raise awareness and encourage employees to register for access to the new Intranet.

Our solution

We worked together to establish key messages, required outcomes and an agreed plan for the employee communications leading up to the launch date of the new site

Our main focus initially was on the employees who use the intranet for their jobs and daily tasks and encouraging them to register and engage with the new intranet.

Another key challenge was linking up the remote workforce across the various estates so that employees with similar job roles could share ideas, post questions and learn from each other via the new system.

We wanted to create some excitement, a sense of expectation around how this new intranet was going to make their working lives so much better. Also for employees to take action by registering and logging into the new site and taking a look around.

Leaders were brought on-board in advance with a series of visual step-by-step guides and tools to help them effectively and clearly communicate the key messages and actions with their teams. 

The Results

"We’ve had an amazing launch, so far in just the first week, over 10,000 users have registered and are looking at over 300,000 pages. A few bugs, lots of questions, but nothing major. We’ve trained over 100 publishers and people are getting involved publishing their news, blogs and starting conversations – so far so good."

National Trust, Project Lead

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A very happy team

A very happy team