The National Trust is an iconic British charity that looks after historic places, preserves land, nature and wildlife, so they can be enjoyed by everyone, forever. 

In 2015 the National Trust launched a new and ambitious ten year strategy. They know that their people are their most important asset to deliver the overall strategy. So they developed a set of plans to increase the confidence and capability of their people and create the climate for success.  

They needed the Leaders across the Trust to own and lead for these people plans, helping to unlock the potential of their teams. 

We had the opportunity to use their annual senior leader conference as a way to launch and achieve this. We needed to produce a set of engaging collateral that was clear to understand, and would inspire leaders to get behind it and encourage them to take this forward when they left the event and that they had the right skills and resources needed to help the Trust achieve their strategy. 



People Strategy handout


"The team at Rose Island delivered a compelling and engaging set of collateral for our Leadership Conference. The process to translate our people ambitions in to a set of simple and clear visuals was straightforward and hassle free. The presentation looked fantastic  and received very positive feedback from the delegates. The leaflet and worksheet were very handy take outs for the audience and we’ve received lots of requests for more! Our Exec was thrilled at the quality of output, so thank you!"

Sue Palfrey, Head of Internal Communications, The National Trust.

Our solution

Working closely with the Head of Internal Communications we were able to immerse ourselves in the Trust’s people strategy and plans.

We identified the key messages for staff and simplified the messaging, producing a set of easy to digest and use materials that would allow Leaders to effectively cascade the key message on to their regional teams and reaching all the employees across the trust. 

Rose Island package included:

Immersion session to understand the People Strategy’s key messages and goals

•  Messaging platform and copywriting

•  Conference presentation slides for the keynote speaker

•  Business strategy Infographic to visually show the People Strategy with the overall bigger picture

•  Senior Leader take-away cascade leaflet with poster

•  Team cascade and employee engagement worksheets.