The National Trust is an iconic British charity that looks after historic places, preserves land, nature and wildlife, so they can be enjoyed by everyone, forever. 

Our challenge was to help communicate the various training and learning opportunities that were available to their employees, to help them know where to go to develop their careers and grow their knowledge.

Rose Island_NationalTrust_LR_multi.jpg

Our solution

To produce a handy E-book that could be explored and navigated by the employee to find the right talent and learning resources and useful information quickly. The interactive ebook had hyperlinks to any relevant information on the intranet. It could be downloaded to access offline as a useful reference tool. 

Rose Island package included

•  Immersion session for key messages and goals

•  Messaging platform and copywriting

•  Design and program an interactive eBook

•  Infographic to explain the talent and learning opportunities

•  Awareness posters for office and estate environments & internal areas.