We were recommended to CMG Digital a digital marketing company specialising in online Marketing (SEO, PPC and Social Media campaigns etc.) for their clients. They were looking for support to update their website, so they could focus on growing their clients businesses.

Their existing site was not up to the task and was in need of a re-design to give them a more professional look and feel. One that would reflect their expert technical knowledge and the quality of service, that they offer their clients.

After immersing ourselves in their company and speaking with the leadership team to fully understand their goals and needs, it was clear to us that they needed to reposition their brand to better fit and engage with their target market, the education sector. 


Brand mark


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"As part of setting up a new Marketing consultancy business I had the website designed by a company recommended to me by a business colleague, but that decision turned out to be a mistake.

After 3 months of slow and unhelpful responses from that company I was left with a website which was unattractive, incomplete, and as a result not generating any leads.

I then made contact with Paul Fitzpatrick of Rose Island, who talked with me about my website requirements, took time to learn about the market segment I was targeting, and then presented me with a range of options to consider.

I was impressed with his depth of interest, and with the themes he suggested, and we agreed that Paul would completely replace the existing site with a new one, including a rebrand.

The results have been very positive, with the new site not only being complemented on by many visitors, but is generating enquiries from the type of client I am aiming for, some of which have already led to contracts.

I cannot praise Paul enough, as his efforts, his understanding of my business’ needs, have contributed greatly what is now a successful and growing business.

I would strongly recommend him – in addition to a brilliant service, he hit all his deadlines -  absolute pleasure to work with."

Carla Martin-Gullen, Director, Enrol Digital Ltd

Our approach

We proposed and planned out a complete rebranding for them, which included renaming the company to have a better connection with their audience. We sourced and created the new name for them ‘Enrol Digital’ which was chosen as this is the whole purpose and reason ‘why’ they exist as a business, to help education and learning institutions to enrol more students on their courses. CMG Digital bravely agreed to the name change and we got to work.

 Their new brand look and feel that we created uses a simple ‘button’ logo and a clean reductive colour palette of mint and charcoal. The brand uses a contemporary sans-serif typeface and warm, clean business imagery to reflect their professional and friendly consultancy services. Circular icons that complement the logo have been used as an accessible way to introduce their areas of expertise to potential clients.

 With the new branding agreed we then designed and built their new responsive website using a content management system. We have used landing pages to capture and convert leads and are creating an ebook that will be their first relevant and engaging piece of content for their target audience to download on the new site.

We managed the whole process so that it was a smooth and painless transition to their new branding. We worked within some tight timescales, so that the new website would be live in time for the New Year.